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about us

Our story began in January 2012. We were a group of friends in love with writing and performing music and soon became fixed on the idea of becoming a band. We were so heavily influenced by US based jazz band Snarky Puppy that we wanted to be the UK counterpart. We wrote, recorded, released and performed our music and after an intense and fast paced experience over the course of 18 months, we decided to embark on an open ended hiatus.

We soon discovered that our passion extended beyond the stage. We wanted to not only be the team on stage but off stage as well. This very thought sparked the idea of becoming a music production team.

Our journey started in our various bedrooms with each of us plotting and scheming a plan to discover and be discovered as new talent.
In 2013 we began working as a production team and in 2015 acquired our very first studio.

We have since worked with over 25 artists and we've had the privilege of developing and working with fresh unsigned talent and collaborating with seasoned professionals. 

We have since discovered that what we do best is, facilitating projects (Single, EP, Album) from inception through to the live shows, offering a 360 perspective of the creative process from an idea to an extraordinary live performance.

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Our Services



Our studio is situated in the heart of one of the most creative communities London has to offer. We can be found at Room 208, Netil House, Hackney, E8 3RL.

We have a range of percussive and harmonic instruments coupled with some great sounding preamps. Gear list provided on request.


Our engineers use top of the range software and hardware processing to deliver high quality mixes that are tailored to your preferences and that can boldly compete within the physical and digital market.


We have a close community of mastering engineers that we have worked with over the years that are able to add the extra sparkle that each song deserves by enhancing the sonic quality of a great mix.

live music

With over a decades worth of experience in live music we are able to construct, assist and execute a show at a premium level. Whether it be an intimate acoustic performance or stadium show, we can deliver a bespoke show performance whilst helping you to manage each step of the process.


Our writers are highly skilled top liners and lyricists. They are well versed in several genres and have the ability to transform an idea into a well rounded song.


We submerge ourselves in every clients journey - past, present, future - to truly capture a sound that is expressive of their story. Our producers strive to develop a sound that is not only unique to each artist but that is also full of creativity.


We pride ourselves on our ability to put together an arrangement that is engaging, exciting and leaves you wanting more. We pay attention to every detail of your music and we ensure that we provide backing tracks that are consistent with your sound, complete with cues and clicks to maintain tightness in every show.

...They bring their best in terms of creativity... // ...Exceeded my expectation... // ...Most competent musicians I have worked with...
— Past Clients
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